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Lay Betting Explained

Concise guide to laying at betting exchanges – what is actually a “Lay Bet”, what does mean lay betting at betting exchange? Advantages of Lay Betting. What is potential risk and winnings in lay betting. Alternatives to lay betting. What is Trading.

Betting Library

Selection of betting papers and studies on various betting strategies. Includes famous papers such as Dixon and Coles “Modelling Association Football Scores and Inefficencies in the Football Betting Market”, multiple works of Karlis and Ntzoufras on applying various distribution models to football betting, Salonen’s work on calculation of Asian Handicap odds, and many more…

Excursion to horse racing: What We Learned From The Epsom Derby

Saturday’s Epsom Derby was quite a thing to behold, as has been the case from time immemorial. Known as just The Derby, the horse race is officially branded the Investec Derby by virtue of its sponsorship. This competition is the richest and most prestigious flat race on the British racing calendar, with a prize fund of around £1.5 million from which the winner claims around £0.8 million.